The Feeder of wolves fell, worker of evil deeds. The poet chopped Ljot’s leg off, I brought Fridgeir peace. I do not ask reward from the splasher of gold for that. The spears’ din was fun enough, the fight with the pale man. -from “Egil’s Saga”

But the soul which arrives at this stage of realization consciously has a different experience. The difference is like that of one person having been pulled, with his back turned to the source, and another person having journeyed towards the goal, enjoying at every step each experience it has met with, and rejoicing at every moment of this journey in approaching nearer to the goal. What does this soul, conscious of its progress towards the goal, realize? It realizes with every veil it has thrown off a greater power, and increased inspiration, until it arrives at a stage, after having passed through the sphere of the jinns and the heaven of the angels, when it realizes that error which it had known, and yet not known fully; the error it made in identifying itself with its reflection, with its shadow falling on these different planes. Hazrat Inayat Khan, The Way of Illumination

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