The Feeder of wolves fell, worker of evil deeds. The poet chopped Ljot’s leg off, I brought Fridgeir peace. I do not ask reward from the splasher of gold for that. The spears’ din was fun enough, the fight with the pale man. -from “Egil’s Saga”

the only pop culture site that matters : essential movie, comic, DVD & TV news : And We Are One Step Closer to Living In A STAR TREK Universe : The SIGMO VOICE TRANSLATOR Will Not Only Make Communication Easier Between People, It Might Also Make Ordering Chech’tluth In Original Klingon Less Embarrassing

I have to say that I’m particularly psyched to live in a world where asking for a bathroom in Japanese got a whole lot easier for me thanks to the SIGMO Voice Translator (not that I have any problems finding one since the universal symbol for “gotta go pee-pee” is holding your crotch and jumping

via Pocket


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