The Feeder of wolves fell, worker of evil deeds. The poet chopped Ljot’s leg off, I brought Fridgeir peace. I do not ask reward from the splasher of gold for that. The spears’ din was fun enough, the fight with the pale man. -from “Egil’s Saga”

what is best in life?

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I had never seen my best friend play music with a band before. But last night I got to see him play with his band. It was like a hundred billion hot dogs. It is an occurrence that appears to be rare in this world, but I now know of two men who are lucky to experience it. I speak of love. I have known my wife for almost 10 years now and while I had a life before her she has brought me more joy, laughter and happiness then I ever thought possible. I believe that my best friend now knows that of which I speak. His bride has brought out the all of the superlative qualities that he already possessed and is polishing them. I have never seen him more alive and himself as I have since he met her. He is as much my brother as one could be and I wish for him and her that their love should “comforteth like sunshine after rain” and be as the “gentle spring doth always fresh remain”. Oh yea, crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and..hear the lamentation of the women!


One response

  1. Joanne

    Beautiful! I love that you express your feelings in your writings. What you feel for Chris really is apparent.

    July 30, 2008 at 2:38 pm

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